safety: We realize that two of the most important things in your life are your children and your home. We take this very seriously and with high regard. Every staff member knows that the integrity of our company relies on their professionalism and safety in and around your home and your children. We do extensive background searches on any delivery personal before they are hired. In addition to this we take pride in delivering the cleanest jumpers in San Diego. This means cleaning and sanitiZing every jumper before and after every party. We also purchase all of our inflatables from factories located in the US in order to stay within the strictly enforced safety and health guidelines withheld in the USA manufacturing industry. All of our units are lead free unlike many of the inflatables that are used in our industry that are purchased from China in order to save a buck! When it comes to your Child's safety we go the extra mile and never cut corners. You can rest assured that both our friendly staff and our equipment are of the cleanest and highest quality!

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